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Are you troubled by damaging negative emotions?

Anger - Sadness - Fear - Anxiety
Phobias - Procastination - Limiting Decisions


I had a lot of anxiety and stress and it was getting really bad. A friend recommended me to Victor, he said that he would help get rid of these terrible feelings. I have a couple of children, one at primary school and one at high school and have been married for fourteen years. Life just seemed to be getting too tough and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to cope with anything.

During the five meetings I had with Victor we went through several different processes including some light hypnosis. The results were unbelievable, right from the first session and I can only speak highly of him. I really didn’t think this type of thing worked, but now I know that it does and it helps, I was so amazed at the results.

Apart from looking into my anxiety and stress Victor also encouraged me to tell him about my home life and family relationships. There were some real problems here, but after the discussion, he identified some areas that I could change and he also gave me some tools to handle it with. Now, home life is great.

I think that this is one of the best things I have done, it’s put my personal life back on track, taken away all the stress and anxiety I felt and really helped the whole family relationship.

- Albert Oakland

I was realy unsure about NLP and did not think that it would do anything for me, but after our first meeting the troubles on my mind felt a lot lighter and I felt the tension inside go. The session was handled so professionally and throughout it, Victor enabled me to feel totally at ease.

This is something very new to me and although I have only had a couple of sessions, I know I benefitted and will definitely return for me. I realise from this that I can be who and what I want to be and it’s within more to achieve this

- Karen M.

For six months we had been arguing constantly and our relationship felt like it was just about dissolved. That really concerned me as I had been married to Heather for twenty-four years now, we had three beautiful children. I had heard about Holistic Wholeness from a friend and although I was a little sceptical about Time Line TherapyTM and Neuro Linguistic Programing, I thought I would go and have a talk with Victor to see if he would be able to help.

The first thing he said was really hard and made me think deeply. He asked “is your marriage worth saving?” It was a very confronting question and as I sat contemplating this, reflecting over the past years. All our joys, the things we had done together, our beautiful children realised that there was only one answer ---- ‘yes’ --- of cause it was. I went home and told Heather about my meeting with Victor and that we needed to go to the next session together, which we did and we learnt so many things, it was incredible.

We discussed relationships, the need to understand that each person is different and strategies taking this into account needed to be explored. We were able to use Time Line TherapyTM as a medium to defuse areas of anger, sadness and even fear and intimidation that had crept into our relationship over the years. Neuro Linguistic Programing enabled us to move on from areas of procrastination caused through disempowerment. Even little things like reframing in our communication enabled us to speak in a way that the other really understood.

We are very thankful to Victor for the great care he took in bringing us through a very bad time and the professional manner in which he conducted all of our sessions. We had some meetings together and also by ourselves, but each one acted as a leaver pushing us onto the next session.

Although this is different type of therapy, we know that it is effective and very worthwhile.

- Heather B.