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Today, drugs form an intrinsic chunk of societies social fabric; whether they be of a legal or illegal variety they can and do become a true substance of dependence and many, of abuse.

The following table includes some of the more common addictions present, however, it is by no means an exhaustive list. There are far more addictions that threaten not only the health (holistically) of the individual, but also that of their loved one and by extension, their community as well.

  • Caffine
  • Chocolate
  • Cigarettes
  • Sugar
  • Shopping
  • Internet
  • Gambling
  • Exercise
  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine

Addiction, at any level, becomes a powerful and controlling compulsion that requires an equally powerful and controlling remedy to remove it. People hold that power within themselves and through the combined blend of NLP and Time Line Therapy TM act they can tap into this, however, the application of personal strength, commitment and consistency are still needed by the individual in order to succeed.

Neuro Linguistic Programing and Time Line Therapy TM, provide a channel of hope and help in overcoming addictions.


For six months we had been arguing constantly and our relationship felt like it was just about dissolved. That really concerned me as I had been married to Heather for twenty-four years now, we had three beautiful children. I had heard about Holistic Wholeness from a friend and although I was a little sceptical about Time Line TherapyTM and Neuro Linguistic Programing, I thought I would go and have a talk with Victor to see if he would be able to help.

The first thing he said was really hard and made me think deeply. He asked “is your marriage worth saving?” It was a very confronting question and as I sat contemplating....read more

-Heather B.







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