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Phobias present themselves in many different ways and most people suffer from at least one or two of these irrational fears, for example the six monthly dental check-up or mice. Most often, these do not cause that much trouble and the individual is usually able to keep them under control. However, when the fears associated with this type of situation turns into anxiety or disturbs normal life they can cause extreme problems.

Some of the more common phobias include:

  • fear of closed in spaces (clostriphobia).
  • fear of heights (agriphobia).
  • fear of injections.
  • fear of snakes, spiders, flying insects etc.
  • fear of flying.

Through the application of Time Line Therapy TMand Neuro Linguistic Programming, phobias can be a problem of the past and the energy used in trying to avoid the situation can be used in a far more meaningful way.


For six months we had been arguing constantly and our relationship felt like it was just about dissolved. That really concerned me as I had been married to Heather for twenty-four years now, we had three beautiful children. I had heard about Holistic Wholeness from a friend and although I was a little sceptical about Time Line TherapyTM and Neuro Linguistic Programing, I thought I would go and have a talk with Victor to see if he would be able to help.

The first thing he said was really hard and made me think deeply. He asked “is your marriage worth saving?” It was a very confronting question and as I sat contemplating....read more

-Heather B.







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