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“I can’t make enough money!”
“I’m going to fail the exam!”
“I’ll never be good enough to complete that job!”
“They all think that I’m stupid!”
“I’m the worst speller in the world!’

When we limit our decisions or beliefs we are doing nothing more than jumping to conclusions without there being any evidence for the conclusion we reach. This concept is often referred to as a ‘critical voice’ and is a problem that occurs with many people. Unfortunately, this can often be a self-fulfilling prophecy, for example; a person who believes that they are too old to learn, will not even enrol or sign up for a course of study.

Beliefs or decisions of this nature stem from resolutions that have been personally decided on at an earlier time. At this point the individual has decided that it would be impossible for them to do or achieve what ever the situation is, so there is definitely no purpose in even attempting the situation.

With Time Line TherapyTM, permanent change to the decisions or beliefs that have been made in the past is possible and as a result the individual can start to produce the goals and desires they seek.

“I can make enough money!”
“I’m going to pass the exam!”
“I’m good enough to complete that job!”
“No one thinks that I’m stupid!”
“I’m a good speller.’


I had a lot of anxiety and stress and it was getting really bad. A friend recommended me to Victor, he said that he would help get rid of these terrible feelings. I have a couple of children, one at primary school and one at high school and have been married for fourteen years. Life just seemed to be getting too tough and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t seem to cope with anything.

During the five meetings I had with Victor we went through several different processes including some light hypnosis. The results were unbelievable, right from the first session and I can only speak highly of him. I really didn’t think....read more

-Albert Oakland







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