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Are you troubled by damaging negative emotions?

Anger - Sadness - Fear - Anxiety
Phobias - Procastination - Limiting Decisions


For Professional Services


* Consultations will attract a fee of $100.00 per consultation
* Where the client holds a concession card $75.00 per consultation
* Students attending primary/secondary school $50.00 per consultation
* Full time students undertaking tertiary qualifications $60.00 per consultation


Please Note :
Consultations are structured into 60 minute blocks and all necessary procedure will be completed within these blocks. In cases where a consultation exceeds 60 minutes and is completed in less than 90 minutes, prorata charges will apply.

Where it is necessary to take a full history form the client, it will generally require a two hour consultation.


Health -    Removal of negative emotions:
  • Anger - frustration, annoyance, fury, rage (etc)
  • Sadness - grief, the blues, gloom, despondency (etc)
  • Fear - terror, dread, horror, fright, worry, concern (etc)
  • Anxiety - nervousness, concern, apprehension (etc)
-   Phobias (overcoming these)
-   Stress reduction
-   Weight Control
-    Healthy Life-Style:
  • Cessation of smoking
  • Good dietary habits
  • Exercise regime
-   Pain / Chronic Paine relief
-   Changing position of 'like' to 'dislike' (and visa versa)
-   Moving from times of procrastination
-   Increasing personal confidence
Relationships -   Understanding accepting differences / points of view
-   Understanding and accepting differences in personalities
-   Learning to communicate more effectively
-   Learning to understand and interpret situations
-   Rapport Building
Career and Business Coaching -   Personal growth and development
-   Goals
-   Rapport Building
-   Strategies & Reframing
-   Business Growth
-   New techniques and tools
-   Modelling
Studies -   Personal belief changes
-   Personal state management
-   Representational systems
-   Strategies
-   Modelling
Finance -   Beliefs and Limiting Decisions
-   Modelling success
-   Strategies - Negotiation - Persuasive
General -   If an area of concern locks you in and despite the struggles you put up, there appears to be no way of pulling free, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy TM or Hypnosis (or a combination of all) may be the key to moving forward.
If your particular struggle is not mentioned in
the list above, call Holistic Wholeness on
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to see how we can provide
you with a way out.


I was realy unsure about NLP and did not think that it would do anything for me, but after our first meeting the troubles on my mind felt a lot lighter and I felt the tension inside go. The session was handled so professionally and throughout it, Victor enabled me to feel totally at ease.

This is something very new to me and although I have only had a couple of sessions, I know I benefitted and will definitely return for me. I realise from this that I can be who and what I want to be and it’s within more to achieve this

-Karen M.







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