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Are you troubled by damaging negative emotions?

Anger - Sadness - Fear - Anxiety
Phobias - Procastination - Limiting Decisions

About Holistic Wholeness

Holistic Wholeness opens the door to an enhanced and alternative genre in communication and personal excellence by empowering people to think and communicate smarter, together with accomplishing effective personal management skills. It is operated by Victor Hiah and provides new and alternative services aimed at assisting people to create and maintain a healthy and holistic wholeness in their lives. Our view of wellbeing is focussed on the whole person and extends far beyond just the physical dimensions. At Holistic Wholeness, we believe that every individual is made up of numerous components and that, as cogs in a wheel, each component is dependant on each other and can only reach full capacity when its fellow components are also operating at full capacity.

In health, much of the attention is focused on treating the symptom of the disease rather than finding the reason for the symptom. We, as humans, crafted by the Creator God, are very intricate and when one of our various components is unwell, it can easily affect our physical being.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the adjective 'holistic' with regard to medicine, as a treatment of the whole person, taking into account all areas including mental and social factors. For example, an analgesic will only assist in removing the pain of a headache, it will not prevent its reoccurrence. Further exploration is necessary to determine the cause of the headache, which could be attributed to another physical condition such as a cold or eye strain or emotional problem including stress or anxiety. Equally, it may also relate to psychological, social or even spiritual issues.

This is becoming an increasingly accepted view by health professionals and it is quite common to see or experience any of the following:

  • Clinics that also employ holistic approaches to cancer treatment such as meditation, visualisation, massage and so on.
  • Those who believe that recovery is a process that heals the whole person therefore, they take a holistic approach to treatment.
  • Those who employ the strategy that is based on a holistic view of health care that integrates primary, intermediate, and secondary care.


The whole person takes into account five separate components, all of which function together to make us, uniquely us, and when one component fails all others are affected.


At Holistic Wholeness we focus on:

  • Identifying and removing major negative emotions including :
    • anger, sadness, fear and anxiety.
  • Adjusting behavioural styles and patterns including:
    • procrastination.
    • phobias.
    • limiting beliefs and decisions.
    • changing or modifying physical likes and dislikes.
    • assisting children with learning problems such as ADHD and dyslexia.
    • decision making.
    • creating strategies and changing inappropriate strategies.
  • Establishing and prioritising values.
  • Future planning and setting achievable life long goals.
  • With the use of trance, we look at some of the social conditions that can detrimentally affect us and cause problems such as:
    • smoking.
    • weight reduction.
    • insomnia.
    • Sport Enhancement.
    • Stammering.
    • Stress.
    • Teeth Grinding.

Neuro Linguistic Programing, Time Line Therapy TM and Hypnotherapy offer a new and alternative scope for a holistic mode of healing, not only within the area of personal health, but also assisting behavioural style changes, eliminating negative emotions and limiting decisions, neutralising phobias, moving procrastination right through to goal setting and the creation of a positive future.

Our objective at Holistic Wholeness is to fully satisfy the needs of those seeking our assistance. We strive for excellence in our pursuit for a holistic positive health for the whole person.


I was realy unsure about NLP and did not think that it would do anything for me, but after our first meeting the troubles on my mind felt a lot lighter and I felt the tension inside go. The session was handled so professionally and throughout it, Victor enabled me to feel totally at ease.

This is something very new to me and although I have only had a couple of sessions, I know I benefitted and will definitely return for me. I realise from this that I can be who and what I want to be and it’s within more to achieve this

-Karen M.







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