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Are you troubled by damaging negative emotions?

Anger - Sadness - Fear - Anxiety
Phobias - Procastination - Limiting Decisions

About Victor Hiah

Victor HiahVictor has spent many years counselling, caring for and providing a presence of clinical support for people caught within situations of crisis. This has included working alongside inpatients, their families, friends and also staff at a major hospital dealing exclusively with cancer and also within the criminal arena of the Victorian Courts and Custody institutions. During these times, his role as Chaplain for the Salvation Army, saw him caring for both victim and perpetrator alongside the many others who were also suffering from the affects of the crime.

In all of these situations, irrespective of their nature, a common thread emerged exposing some of the most vulnerable and painful emotions within those affected. These included anger and hostility, sadness and despair, the fear and also the anxiety that developed as a result of the crisis circumstances. Some times the emotions suffered were known and expected, but at many times, the affected person was very unaware and ill prepared for the feelings and emotions that arose within them .

To enable Victor for this exacting work, he has completed extensive tertiary studies and courses focusing on the human interaction and social behavioural consequence resulting from people confronting situations of crisis. These have included Clinical Pastoral Education (five Units, including one at an Advance level), Pastoral Care in Crisis and transition, Chaplaincy in Educational Settings and Living the Faith. In recent times he has also completed an extensive study in Neuro Linguistic Programing and Time Line Therapy TM and has attained the level of Master Practitioner. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Theology and a Graduate Certificate of Supervision.

Victor is a practising Christian with a deep passion to help others attain the fullest quality of life possible. This is a focus of strong desire for him as it embraces the phenomenon supported by Scripture - the Gospel of John holds the key to a singular and vibrant understanding of the purpose of the person of Jesus:

"I come to give you life and life in its fullest" - John


I was realy unsure about NLP and did not think that it would do anything for me, but after our first meeting the troubles on my mind felt a lot lighter and I felt the tension inside go. The session was handled so professionally and throughout it, Victor enabled me to feel totally at ease.

This is something very new to me and although I have only had a couple of sessions, I know I benefitted and will definitely return for me. I realise from this that I can be who and what I want to be and it’s within more to achieve this

-Karen M.







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